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We are a company that offers accounting services, the range goes from training sessions to tutoring

Información General

  • Tipo de Empresa: Comercial
  • Fecha de Inscripción: 29 Setiembre 2021
  • Cédula Jurídica: 1-101-6749-3-506
  • Sector: Comercial
  • Especidalidad: Accounting
  • Institución: 4184 C.T.P. COVAO DIURNO


Our mission is to help people become more financially educated and make the smartest decisions with their money. We ensure to guide young entrepreneurs to be self-sufficient and smart investors and provide knowledge to people that are interested in understanding completely the process that goes behind the scenes.


We hope to reach as many people as possible this could be through social media, or billboards. we are especially interested in working with young to middle-aged entrepreneurs. We plan to have a significant amount of cash flow month to month and be able to invest in various locations throughout the country

Información de contacto y localización

  • País: Costa Rica
  • Provincia: Cartago
  • Cantón: Cartago
  • Distrito: San Nicolás
  • Ubicación Exacta: --Sin Definir--
  • Teléfono: 25373487
  • Sitio Web: All in one
  • Email:

Descripción Productos o Servicios:

Accounting Services such as training sessions in budgetary control, legal tax tutoring, trainings in excel for financial purposes, facilitation of resources needed in the accounting department and so on.

Productos o Servicios

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